1971 - The inaugural year of the Portland Trailblazers. Trailing the mighty LA Lakers, the Blazers mounted a charging comeback. Jim Barnett, a guard for the Blazers, takes a long-range jump shot (before the era of the 3-point line) and makes it, tying the game. In a mixture of disbelief and excitement, legendary Blazers radio-man Bill Schonely let out “RIP CITY! All right!” In interviews since, Schonely never could quite explain where the phrase came from or what it truly meant, other than, “…it means something good, something positive.”

Throughout the year, we recognize the little things our residents do that make them remarkable by passing the hallowed jersey of Clyde “The Glide” Drexler – considered one the greatest Trail Blazers of all time. Below is a collection of humans doing their best to do something good, something positive for the practice of emergency medicine. It’s our way of showcasing the little things we do as residents to try and make our program, and our community a better place.