Sam Ho

Hometown: Kaneohe, HI


Sam’s the kind of person who you can’t ever quite tell if they’re stoked or bummed out…he’s more laid back than Macklemore’s undercut. He’s the same guy whether you’re managing a failed airway in the ED or trying the new experimental brew down the street. He’s cool. It’s probably why he never broke a sweat managing an incredibly difficult airway last month…or helping a rotating medical student intubate a patient in status the next day. He’s a RIP City Resident for a reason.

You’ve lived in some interesting places, tell me about it.
Hawaii: home, awesome food, beautiful beaches, friendly people
Denver: undergrad, snowboarding, ice hockey, outdoorsy people
Amsterdam: masters program, bicycles, flat land, tall people
Portland: residency, breweries, camping, bearded people

You’re known for your laid back demeanor, is that all a Hawaii thing or has that developed along the way?
Hawaii thing

What was the last movie you’ve watched?
Avengers Endgame, but my rental expired before I finished it so I have no idea how it ends.

What’s one thing you make sure to have with you for every shift in the ED?
Peanut butter M&Ms